• Jake Maurer – Nashville Country Artist

  • 3D animation

    This is a demonstration of what I can do with After Effects and a 3D program and an afternoon. Here I have created a movie studio like intro for “Illusion of Progress.”  

  • Transamerica – Website

    In March of 2014, Transamerica asked me to develop some landing page templates inside their CMS system (Dristribion).  Like many clients, they have a CMS system that provides templates that leaves much to be desired as far as over all look and feel for a website.  That is where I come in, they provide me …

  • Academic Partnerships

    From July of 2013 until the last day of Februar 2014, I was hired for a short-term contract with Academic Partnerships (AP). During that time, the focus was creating clean, reusable, standard compliant code.  AP enhances enrollment for many major domestic and international universities.  There were many standards to comply to based on the Universities …