Transamerica – Website

In March of 2014, Transamerica asked me to develop some landing page templates inside their CMS system (Dristribion).  Like many clients, they have a CMS system that provides templates that leaves much to be desired as far as over all look and feel for a website.  That is where I come in, they provide me …

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Academic Partnerships

From July of 2013 until the last day of Februar 2014, I was hired for a short-term contract with Academic Partnerships (AP). During that time, the focus was creating clean, reusable, standard compliant code.  AP enhances enrollment for many major domestic and international universities.  There were many standards to comply to based on the Universities …


Foreveroof – Joomla Website This is a custom Joomla website created from a .psd and a completely overhauled basic template. The site has two custom Javascript programs on the front page that are fully integrated into the theme.  The programs that allow a user to select the style of roof material and then to separately see a demonstration …

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Sky Life Labs – Website This is a launch page for Sky Life Labs  They have a mobile application that works with IPHONE and Android phones and they wanted a launchpad that included each.  This is a basic static HTML page that connects to the Apple App Store and Google Play.  

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Southwest Auto Mall – Website This is a launch page for Southwest Auto Mall.  They have two car dealerships in close proximity and they wanted a launchpad that included each.  There is a JQuery revolving slideshow featuring cars at the bottom of the page.

alliance trenching

Alliance Trenching (2011- present) – Website This website is a custom HTML site created from a .psd. The site is all HTML but has a Flash animation on the front page and a customized JQuery widget for the gallery page. Updated 2013 I added a custom form, added a slideshow and updated some of the assets.