Transamerica – Website


In March of 2014, Transamerica asked me to develop some landing page templates inside their CMS system (Dristribion).  Like many clients, they have a CMS system that provides templates that leaves much to be desired as far as over all look and feel for a website.  That is where I come in, they provide me a .psd and a login into their system and I make the website come alive.

The client requested a custom contact form that would send the details directly to the agent the webpage was made for.  I used a php file enclosed in a small IFRAME in the sidebar to house the form, on submission the form would send the visitor’s selections and contact details, directly to the agents email.

They also wanted to integrate two ways to initiate a youtube video on the page. One video uses a JQuery colorbox plugin to display the video in a lightbox when someone clicks on the button.  The other video uses a few of Google’s YouTube api tricks to run from where it stands in the sidebar when someone clicks on it.

The page can be viewed here:

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